The Other/Promised Land

(November 2016, Oktober 2017) Shlomo Lieberman and Ulrich Leinz confront three different love stories: the disturbing memories about the grandmother who survived Auschwitz in 1945, the painful love letters of the German grandfather from Warsaw in 1943 and their own attempt to survive their relationship as a German/Israeli couple in Berlin in 2016.

„Maybe it’s just a myth. You have your own history. I have my own history. And now we are just sharing the bathroom.”

Creation and performance: Ulrich Leinz and Shlomo Lieberman | Light: Christian Maith | Transcriptions of the Letters: Jörg Waßmer | Letters Translation from German to English: Daniel Brunet

English Theater Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

Performed again as part of LeinzLieberman, Artists in Residence, September – November, 2017


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