(April 2018) A Fantasy For 3 Men and 3 Barbie Dolls. A long fascination with Ibsen’s A Doll’s House sends Orlando, Shlomo and Ulrich on a journey to Noraland by searching after their own reflections in the play.

Are we trapped in our own perception of our lives? Could we really ever follow Nora’s footsteps and achieve independence? Are we willing to pay such a high price? Is it possible for a male performer to step into Nora’s shoes?

Creation and Performance: Ulrich Leinz, Shlomo Lieberman and Orlando Rodriguez | Light: Torsten Litschko

English Theater Berlin | International Performing Arts Center
Expat Expo Festival 2018

Bericht im Tagesspiegel „Wundertüte des internationalen Theaters“ von Patrick Wildermann (erschienen am 25. April 2018). (Link zum Artikel

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