Lovers 1 (Version 1)

(June 2016) Two male performers explore the connection between them in a partially realistic, partially dreamlike surrounding.

They are blindfolded. Each one of them has a different mission: one has to carry the other and the other has to be carried. They repeat this procedure as a ritual they cannot avoid until it is exhausted.

The connection between them shifts between a range of aspects: it is romantic, sexual, aggressive, brotherly and existential. They address each other with gestures which are not aesthetic but instead searching for the pure motivation which lies behind them.

The goal of this work is to distill “love” into basic physical performances in order to reveal its actual mechanism.

“No purpose intervenes between I and You, no greed and no anticipation; and longing itself is changed as it plunges from the dream into appearance. Every means is an obstacle. Only where all means have disintegrated encounters occur.”  ― Martin Buber, I and Thou

Creation and performance: Shlomo Lieberman And Tomer Zirkilevich | Music: Özgür Erkök-Moroder | Light: Christian Maith

English Theater Berlin | International Performing Arts Center
Performed in Expat Expo Festival 2016