Lovers 1 (Version 2)

(September 2017) A performance for three blindfolded performers, a TV set and surtitles.

What happens when two are no longer enough? Is there still the same intimacy as before? Other lovers appear. How to continue now?

In the second version of the performance created in 2016 as a duo, Shlomo Lieberman and Tomer Zirkilevich invite Austin Fagan for a trio.

The setting remains the same: the performers are blindfolded on an empty stage. Their task is to lift or to be lifted. And they repeat this procedure over and over as a ritual they cannot avoid. But unlike the performance last year, the roles are not clear as they were. Who is lifting whom? What should one do when he is left out? Does one should find a new role for himself? What are the options?

The performance provides insight into the fragility of relations, shows how aggression is easily evoked and can turn into grief. And how grief can establish power.

Creation: Shlomo Lieberman and Tomer Zirkilevich | Performance: Austin Fagan, Shlomo Lieberman and Tomer Zirkilevich | Music: Özgür Erkök-Moroder | Light: Torsten Litschko

English Theater Berlin | International Performing Arts Center
Performed as part of LeinzLieberman, Artists in Residence, September – November, 2017